Arts Act 2003


Minister, Local Authorities and other public bodies and the Arts

Functions and directions of Minister.

5.—(1) The Minister shall promote the arts both inside the State and outside the State.

(2) The Minister may, in the performance of his or her functions under this section, consult with—

(a) the Council, and

(b) such Ministers of the Government, public bodies or other persons as he or she considers appropriate.

(3) The Minister may, in relation to the performance by the Council of its functions (other than under section 24 ), give a direction in writing to the Council requiring it to comply with such policies of the Minister or the Government as are specified in the direction.

(4) A direction under this section may include a requirement that the Council prepare and submit to the Minister a plan specifying strategies or measures that it proposes to adopt in relation to the arts during the period to which the plan relates.

(5) The Minister may by direction in writing amend or revoke a direction under this section (including a direction under this subsection).

(6) The Council shall comply with a direction under this section.