Arts Act 2003

Disclosure by members of staff of certain interests.

19.—(1) Where a member of the staff of the Council has an interest, otherwise than in his or her capacity as such a member, in any contract, agreement or arrangement, or proposed contract, agreement or arrangement, to which the Council is a party, that person shall—

(a) disclose to the Council his or her interest and the nature thereof,

(b) take no part in the negotiation of the contract, agreement or arrangement or in any deliberation by the Council or members of the staff of the Council in relation thereto, and

(c) neither influence nor seek to influence a decision to be made in the matter nor make any recommendation in relation to the contract, agreement or arrangement.

(2) Subsection (1) shall not apply to contracts or proposed contracts of employment of members of the staff of the Council with the Council.

(3) Where a person contravenes this section, the Council may make such alterations to the person's terms and conditions of employment as it considers appropriate or terminate the person's contract of employment.