S.I. No. 398/2002 - District Court Areas (Amendment) (Castlebar August Sittings) Order, 2002

The Courts Service, in exercise of the powers conferred on it by section 26 of the Courts of Justice Act, 1953 (No. 32 of 1953), as amended by section 43 of the Courts (Supplemental Provisions) Act, 1961 (No. 39 of 1961), section 16 of the Courts Act, 1971 (No. 36 of 1971) and section 29 of the Courts Service Act 1998 (No. 8 of 1998) and after consultation with the President of the District Court, hereby orders as follows:

1.         (a)      This Order may be cited as the District Court Areas (Amendment (Castlebar August Sittings) Order, 2002.

(b)      This Order shall come into operation on 1 August, 2002.

2.         The Schedule to the District Court Areas (Amendment) Order, 1970 ( S.I. No. 161 of 1970 ), is amended by the substitution at reference number 3 for the matter in column (3) of the following:

Castlebar: -

Each Wednesday at 11.00 a.m.


3.         Business transacted in the District Court that is initiated and not completed before the commencement of this Order shall be continued and completed as if this Order had been in force at the time at which such business had been initiated.

GIVEN under the Seal of the Courts Service,

30th July, 2002


Member of the Board of the Courts Service authorised to sign documents under the Seal of the Courts Service.


Officer of the Courts Service designated for purpose of authenticating the Seal of the Courts Service, pursuant to section 10 of the Courts Service Act, 1998 .



This note does not form part of the instrument and is not a legal interpretation.

This order provides for the holding of District Court sittings each August for District Number 3 in Castlebar