Civil Defence Act, 2002

Grants paid by Board to local authorities for civil defence purposes.

32.—(1) The Board may, from time to time, pay to each local authority a grant of an amount that the Board may determine for the purpose of expenditure by the local authority in performing its functions relating to civil defence.

(2) A grant paid to a local authority under this section shall not be used by the local authority for any purpose other than that specified in subsection (1).

(3) In making a grant to a local authority under this section, the Board shall have regard to—

(a) its strategic plan,

(b) the civil defence plan of the local authority, in particular its plans for expenditure,

(c) the annual report of the local authority under section 221 of the Act of 2001,

(d) the implications for resources, including financial resources available to the Board, and

(e) any other matters that the Board considers appropriate.