Teaching Council Act, 2001

Inquiry by Disciplinary Committee.

43.—(1) The Disciplinary Committee shall hold an inquiry in respect of an application referred to it by the Investigating Committee under section 42 (9)(a).

(2) For the purpose of an inquiry under this section, the Director shall appoint a panel of the Disciplinary Committee consisting of not less than 3 and not more than 5 persons, of whom a majority shall be registered teachers and Schedule 3 shall apply.

(3) Following an inquiry by a panel in accordance with Schedule 3 and rules made under paragraph 2 of that Schedule, the panel shall make a report of the inquiry and its findings to the Disciplinary Committee and shall specify in the report the nature of the application and the evidence laid before the panel and any other matter in relation to the registered teacher which it considers appropriate, including its opinion, having regard to the contents of the report, as to the alleged unfitness to teach or it may dismiss the application.

(4) Where the panel dismisses an application under subsection (3), the Disciplinary Committee shall, as soon as practicable, by notice in writing, inform—

(a) the applicant,

(b) the registered teacher concerned and such other persons as the teacher may request, and

(c) where the teacher is employed as a teacher, his or her employer,

and shall, at the request of the registered teacher concerned, publish a notice to that effect in such form and manner as may be determined by the Council.