Finance Act, 2001

Amendment of Chapter-III (amusement machine licence duty) of Part II of Finance Act, 1992.

175.—Chapter III of Part II of the Finance Act, 1992 , is amended in section 120 (interpretation of Chapter III)—

(a) by the insertion in subsection (1) of the following definition after the definition of “public place”:

“‘the public’ includes members of clubs, organisations and other distinct groupings of individuals;”,


(b) by the substitution in subsection (2) of the following for paragraph (d):

“(d) when played once and successfully by a player, affords that player no more than an opportunity—

(i) to play again once more without paying to play, or

(ii) to obtain a non-monetary prize which, if available for purchase or a similar item were so available, would not normally exceed £5 in value.”.