Ordnance Survey Ireland Act, 2001

Functions of OSI.

4.—(1) The general function of OSI is to provide a national mapping service in the State. In this regard it shall operate in the public interest by creating and maintaining the definitive national mapping and related geographic records of the State.

(2) OSI's functions shall include all such tasks as are necessary to fulfil its general function including, but without prejudice to the foregoing, the following:

(a) to maintain and develop the underlying physical infrastructure which is needed to support mapping applications, including to maintain a national grid and the national geodetic and height frameworks and to link these to international systems,

(b) to create and maintain for the entire State mapping and related geographic databases which have national consistency of content, currency, style and manner including those areas which do not provide a commercial return on the activity,

(c) to provide mapping and related geographic information to the public and private sectors in support of social, economic, legislative, educational, security, business and administrative functions and requirements,

(d) to encourage and promote the benefits of the use of the national mapping and related databases and the development of products, services and markets to meet national and user needs,

(e) to advise the Government, a Minister of the Government, a body established by or under statute and other public sector organisations on matters relating to the policy and practice of survey, mapping and geographic information and on the development of national spatial data infrastructures,

(f) to represent the State at international level on matters relating to mapping and geographic information,

(g) to provide the necessary technical support to the Chief Boundary Surveyor in the performance of his or her duties in delimiting statutory boundaries and the delineation of such boundaries on maps,

(h) to depict place-names and ancient features in the national mapping and related records and databases including the Irish language equivalent of place-names as advised by An Coimisiún Logainmneacha and declared in place-names orders made under section 2 of the Place-Names (Irish Forms) Act, 1973 ,

(i) to protect the Government copyright on OSI records, databases, products and published material including copyright on OSI records, databases, products and published material made prior to the establishment day.

(3) OSI shall—

(a) conduct its affairs so as to ensure that revenues (including moneys provided by the Oireachtas) of OSI are not less than sufficient to—

(i) meet all charges properly chargeable to revenue account (including depreciation of assets and proper allocation to general reserve) taking one year with another,

(ii) generate a reasonable proportion of capital needs, and

(iii) remunerate its capital, pay interest on and repay borrowings,


(b) conduct its business at all times in a cost effective and efficient manner.

(4) OSI shall have all such powers as are necessary for or incidental to the performance of its functions under this Act.