Local Government Act, 2001

Objective of unified service to the public.

71.—(1) Without prejudice to sections 69 and 70, this section applies in relation to a county council and each town council situated in the county concerned, both of which are collectively referred to in this section as the “relevant local authorities”.

(2) The relevant local authorities shall take such steps as may be practicable—

(a) for the purpose of promoting the objective that the public, in their dealings with relevant local authorities, have a unified local government service provided to them, and

(b) to improve customer service to the public generally.

(3) For the purposes of subsection (2), relevant local authorities shall endeavour to seek the proper integration and co-ordination of their organisational arrangements, systems and procedures, including the provision of shared office accommodation and shared locations for public contact with them including electronic locations.

(4) It is the duty of the relevant local authorities to co-operate for the purpose of ensuring that the services for which they are responsible are organised and delivered so as to maximise their effectiveness and efficiency and to promote the objectives to which subsections (2) and (3) relate.