Local Government Act, 2001

Representational functions of local authorities.

64.—(1) As a forum for the democratic representation of the local community a local authority may represent the interests of such community in such manner as it thinks appropriate.

(2) Without prejudice to the generality of subsection (1), a local authority may for the purposes of giving effect to that subsection—

(a) ascertain and communicate to other local authorities and public authorities the views of the local community in relation to matters as respects which those other authorities perform functions and which affect the interests of the administrative area of the authority and the local community,

(b) promote, organise or assist the carrying out of research, surveys (including public opinion surveys) or studies with respect to the local community or its administrative area,

(c) facilitate and promote interest and involvement in local government affairs generally,

(d) promote interest among young people in democracy and local government and in community and civic affairs generally,

(e) promote the use of the Irish language and support Gaeltacht communities.

(3) The making of a decision by a local authority in relation to the representation of the views of the local community under this section is a reserved function.