Local Government Act, 2001

Savers (Part 3).

20.—(1) The acts, decisions and proceedings of a local authority shall not be invalidated only because of a vacancy or vacancies in its membership or of the disqualification or want of qualification of any of its members.

(2) Subsection (1) is without prejudice to the requirements of paragraph 11 of Schedule 10 in respect of the quorum for a meeting of a local authority.

(3) Any person who immediately before the establishment day is a member of a local authority shall, on and from such day, continue as such member subject to and in accordance with this Act.

(4) A person to whom subsection (3) applies and who is an alderman shall continue to bear that title until the next ordinary day of retirement after the commencement of this provision, or until his or her otherwise ceasing to be a member of the local authority, whichever is the earlier.