Local Government Act, 2001

General provisions relating to change of names.

196.—(1) The consideration of submissions received under this Part is a reserved function.

(2) Where a change of name is made under this Part then, on and from the date on which the proposal comes into operation, every reference in any instrument, document or map to the existing name shall be read as a reference to the new name.

(3) A change of name under this Part does not affect any rights or obligations of any authority or person or make defective any legal proceedings, and any legal proceedings may be continued or commenced as if there were no change of name.

(4) A local authority shall give due regard to local and indigenous traditions in the development of any proposal for the change of a name under this Part.

(5) (a) The Minister may by regulations make provision in respect of the change of name of a town, townland, non-municipal town, street or locality.

(b) Without prejudice to the generality of paragraph (a), regulations under this section may, in particular include provision in respect of—

(i) the prescribed persons for the purposes of this Part,

(ii) the procedures to be followed in ascertaining for the purpose of sections 189 to 195 whether the majority of the qualified electors concerned consent to the proposed new name,

(iii) the prescribed form for a declaration under this Part,

(iv) the publication of a notice of making of a declaration under this Part,

(v) the arrangements for sharing of costs between authorities in respect of sections 191, 193 and 195, and any other necessary joint arrangements as may be appropriate,

(vi) the publication of a public notice and the notification of specified persons of any proposal under sections 192 to 195 and consideration of submissions received.