Local Government Act, 2001

Local authority budget.

102.—(1) In this section “local authority” includes a joint body.

(2) In each local financial year, each local authority shall prepare a draft local authority budget setting out for the next local financial year—

(a) the expenditure estimated to be necessary to carry out its functions, and

(b) the income estimated to accrue to it.

(3) The draft local authority budget shall be prepared under the direction of the manager in the format prescribed by regulations made by the Minister showing the amounts necessary for the functional programmes of the authority.

(4) The manager shall, as provided for in section 133 (4)(a), consult the corporate policy group in the preparation of a draft local authority budget.

(5) Any reference in any enactment to an estimate or estimate of expenses of a local authority shall be read as a reference to a local authority budget prepared under this section and adopted under section 103 (7).