Children Act, 2001

Functions of conference.

8.—(1) A family welfare conference shall—

(a) decide if a child in respect of whom the conference is being convened is in need of special care or protection which the child is unlikely to receive unless an order is made in respect of him or her under Part IVA (inserted by this Act) of the Act of 1991,

(b) if it decides that the child is in such need, recommend to the health board concerned that it should apply for an order under that Part, and

(c) if it does not so decide, make such recommendations to the health board concerned in relation to the care or protection of the child as the conference considers necessary, including, where appropriate, a recommendation that the health board should apply for a care order or a supervision order under the Act of 1991 in respect of the child.

(2) Any recommendations made by a family welfare conference shall be agreed unanimously by those present at the conference, unless the disagreement of any person present is regarded by the coordinator as unreasonable, in which case the coordinator may dispense with that person's agreement.

(3) Where any such recommendations are not agreed unanimously (disregarding any disagreement mentioned in subsection (2)), the matter shall be referred to the health board for determination.