Children Act, 2001

Regulations (Part 6).

70.—(1) Further provision may be made by regulations in relation to—

(a) the treatment of children while in custody in Garda Síochána stations,

(b) the role of a parent, guardian or adult relative of a child or another adult (including any representative of a health board) who is present in a Garda Síochána station pursuant to this Part while the child is in custody, and

(c) such other matters (if any) as may be necessary or expedient for the purpose of enabling this Part to have full effect and for its due administration.

(2) Pending the making of any regulations under subsection (1)(a), the references to seventeen years in Regulations 9 and 13 of the Criminal Justice Act, 1984 (Treatment of Persons in Custody in Garda Síochána Stations) Regulations, 1987, shall be construed and have effect as if they were references to eighteen years.