Children Act, 2001


Family Welfare Conferences

Convening of family welfare conference.

7.—(1) Where—

(a) a health board receives a direction from the Children Court under section 77 to convene a family welfare conference in respect of a child, or

(b) it appears to a health board that a child who resides or is found in its area may require special care or protection which the child is unlikely to receive unless a court makes an order in respect of him or her under Part IVA (inserted by this Act) of the Act of 1991,

the health board shall appoint a person (in this Part referred to as a “coordinator”) to convene on its behalf a family welfare conference in respect of the child.

(2) The coordinator shall act as chairperson of a family welfare conference.

(3) A health board may direct that a family welfare conference shall consider such matters in relation to the child as the health board considers appropriate.