Children Act, 2001

Recommendation that conference be held.

30.—(1) Where a child is placed under the supervision of a juvenile liaison officer, that officer may, if he or she so thinks proper, recommend in a written report to the Director that a conference be held in respect of the child.

(2) Without prejudice to any decision of the Director in a particular case, the agreement of a child's parent or guardian shall be required for, and the views of the child shall be ascertained on, the holding of a conference.

(3) (a)  The juvenile liaison officer shall ascertain the views of any victim of the child's criminal behaviour as to the possibility of a conference being held and as to whether the victim would be agreeable to attend any such conference.

(b)  Where the victim is a child, the juvenile liaison officer shall have regard to his or her best interests and shall also, where practicable, ascertain whether his or her parents or guardian would be agreeable that a conference be held and would attend it.

(4) The juvenile liaison officer shall, when he or she decides to make a recommendation pursuant to subsection (1), explain to the child concerned, and to his or her parent or guardian, the procedures and functions of a conference.