Children Act, 2001

Other permitted absences.

203.—(1) The Director of a children detention school may, by order in writing, permit a child to be absent from the school unaccompanied on a recurring basis or on one occasion only—

(a) for the purpose of seeking employment or engaging in employment or obtaining work experience,

(b) for the purpose of receiving additional training or education,

(c) for the purpose of participating in sport, recreation or entertainment in the community, or

(d) for any other purpose conducive to the reintegration of the child into the community.

(2) The Director may at any time before the end of a period of permitted absences under this section cancel the order permitting the absences.

(3) The Director of each children detention school shall keep the board of management of the school informed of the implementation of the board's policy in relation to absences permitted under this section and section 202 .

(4) The provisions of subsections (2) to (8) of section 202 shall, with the necessary modifications, apply in relation to an absence under this section as if it were an absence under that section.