Children Act, 2001

Transfer between schools and places provided under section 161 .

198.—(1) A child detained in a children detention school may be transferred to another such school to serve the whole or any part of the unexpired residue of his or her period of detention if—

(a) the school to which the child is transferred caters, in accordance with the provisions of this Part, for that class of child and provides the conditions and facilities necessary for it to achieve its principal object in the case of that child, and

(b) the Directors of the schools from and to which the child is being transferred (or, as the case may be, the Director of a school and the managers of a place provided under section 161 ) agree to the transfer.

(2) Where Directors of children detention schools are unable to agree to a transfer pursuant to subsection (1), the Minister may direct that the transfer shall proceed if he or she considers that the transfer would be in the interests of the child.