Children Act, 2001

Functions of Inspector.

186.—(1) The Inspector shall carry out regular inspections (which shall be at least once every 6 months) of each children detention school and place provided under section 161 , paying particular attention to the conditions prevailing in them, the treatment of children detained there, the facilities available to the children and such other matters as the Minister may direct.

(2) In carrying out an inspection of any such school or place, the Inspector shall also have regard to such matters as—

(a) the morale of the staff and child detainees,

(b) the condition of the facilities provided, including recreational, educational, cultural and linguistic facilities, and of the buildings, and

(c) any general pattern of complaint that may indicate possible inadequacies in the operation or administration of the school or place.

(3) The Inspector may carry out an investigation into any specific aspect of, or any specific issue or incident, connected with, the operation or administration of any such school or place or any specific issue or incident, as he or she thinks appropriate.

(4) The Minister may request the Inspector to investigate and to report to him or her on any such specific aspect, issue or incident.

(5) The Inspector may raise issues of concern to him or her arising out of an inspection or investigation under this section with the Director of the school or managers of the place concerned, the chairperson of the board of management of the school or the Minister.

(6) In carrying out an inspection or an investigation under this section, the Inspector may, with the consent of the Minister, avail himself or herself of the services of any person who has, in the Inspector's opinion, particular experience or knowledge (including medical, legal, academic or other experience or knowledge) of matters relevant to the inspection or investigation.