Children Act, 2001

Rules by boards of management.

179.—(1) The board of management of a children detention school or schools may at any time, and shall whenever so required by the Minister, make rules—

(a) for the management of the school or schools under its management and the maintenance of discipline and good order generally therein, and

(b) without prejudice to the generality of the foregoing, setting out the procedures and conditions applicable to—

(i) the grant of mobility trips under section 204 ,

(ii) the grant of temporary leave under section 205 , and

(iii) placing out under supervision in the community pursuant to section 207 .

(2) The rules shall be consistent with this Part and any regulations made under it by the Minister or any criteria so laid down or general directions so given by him or her for the management of the school or schools concerned.

(3) A notice containing an abridged version of the rules shall be displayed in a conspicuous place in each children detention school, and a child on admission to such a school shall be given a document which contains information relating to the rules and the daily routine in the school and is written in language appropriate to the age of the children catered for in the school.

Director and staff of schools