Children Act, 2001

Provision of other places for detention of children.

161.—(1) The Minister may enter into arrangements with persons for the provision by those persons on behalf of the Minister of a place providing facilities for the detention of children found guilty of offences.

(2) The provisions of this Part relating to children detention schools shall, subject to subsection (3), apply to a place provided under subsection (1).

(3) Where a place is so provided, provisions as to its management, staffing and operation generally and the terms, conditions and rules under which it operates shall be subject to agreement between the persons managing it and the Minister.

(4) The powers of any court in relation to children detention schools shall apply also to a place provided under this section.

(5) Any such place need not cater exclusively for children found guilty of offences.

(6) The Minister shall cause the President of the High Court, the President of the Circuit Court and the President of the District Court to be notified of any arrangements entered into under subsection (1).