Industrial Relations (Amendment) Act, 2001

Determination by Court on trade dispute.

6.—(1) Where, in the opinion of the Court, a dispute that is the subject of a recommendation under section 5 has not been resolved, the Court may, at the request of a trade union or excepted body and following a review of all relevant matters, make a determination.

(2) A determination under subsection (1) may have regard to terms and conditions of employment, and to dispute resolution and disciplinary procedures, in the employment concerned but shall not provide for arrangements for collective bargaining.

(3) A determination under subsection (1) shall be in the same terms as a recommendation under section 5 except where—

(a) the Court has agreed a variation with the parties, or

(b) the Court has decided that the recommendation concerned or a part of that recommendation was grounded on unsound or incomplete information.