Planning and Development Act, 2000

Court may compel compliance with notice under section 88 .

90.—(1) Where a person served with a notice under section 88 fails to comply with a requirement of the notice, or causes or permits a person to fail to comply with such a requirement, the High Court or the Circuit Court may, on the application of the planning authority, order any person to comply with the notice or to do, or refrain from doing or continuing to do, anything that the Court considers necessary or expedient to ensure compliance with the terms of the said notice.

(2) An order under subsection (1) may, without prejudice to that subsection, require such person as is specified in the order to carry out any works, including the restoration, demolition, removal, alteration, replacement, maintenance, repair or cleaning of any structure or other feature, or the discontinuance of any use, or continuance thereof subject to such conditions as are specified in the order.

(3) (a) An application to the High Court or the Circuit Court for an order under subsection (1) shall be by motion and the Court when considering the matter may make such interim or interlocutory order, if any, as it considers appropriate.

(b) The order by which an application under this section is determined may contain such terms and conditions (if any) as to the payment of costs as the Court considers appropriate.

(4) Rules of Court made in respect of section 27 of the Act of 1976 (inserted by section 19 of the Act of 1992) shall apply with any necessary modifications to an application under this section.

(5) (a) An application under subsection (1) to the Circuit Court shall be made to the judge of the Circuit Court for the circuit in which the land the subject of the application is situated.

(b) The Circuit Court shall have jurisdiction to hear and determine an application under this section where the rateable valuation of the land the subject of the application does not exceed £200.

(c) Where the rateable valuation of any land the subject of the application under this section exceeds £200, the Circuit Court shall, if an application is made to it in that behalf by any person having an interest in the proceedings, transfer the proceedings to the High Court, but any order made or act done in the course of such proceedings before the transfer shall be valid unless discharged or varied by order of the High Court.