Planning and Development Act, 2000

Procedure for making regional planning guidelines.

25.—(1) As part of the consultation between a regional authority and the relevant planning authorities under section 22 , the authorities concerned shall agree on a procedure for preparing and making the regional planning guidelines under section 24 .

(2) Matters to be considered under subsection (1) shall include the establishment of committees to oversee and consider preparation of the guidelines.

(3) The authorities concerned shall agree on the membership of the committees under subsection (2) and shall also agree on the roles of those committees in preparing the draft guidelines, considering submissions or observations under section 24 , and drawing up reports in respect of the guidelines.

(4) The making of regional planning guidelines under section 24 (6) shall be a matter for the members of the regional authority concerned, following the consideration of any report or reports from the committees referred to in subsection (2).

(5) The Minister may make regulations, or issue guidelines, with regard to the procedures to be adopted under this section, including the number, functions and membership of any committees set up in accordance with subsection (2).