Local Government (Planning and Development) Act, 1999

Registration of acquired title and amendment of vesting order.

27.—(1) On making a vesting order in relation to a protected structure, a planning authority shall send the order to the registering authority which on receipt of the order shall immediately cause the planning authority to be registered as owner of the land in accordance with the order.

(2) On the application of any person, a planning authority may amend a vesting order made by the authority if—

(a) the authority is satisfied that the vesting order contains an error or mistake, whether occasioned by it or otherwise, and

(b) the error or mistake may be rectified without injustice to any person.

(3) Where a copy of an order under subsection (2) amending a vesting order is lodged with the registering authority, that authority shall rectify its register in such manner as may be necessary to make the register conformable with the amending order.