Jurisdiction of Courts and Enforcement of Judgments Act, 1998.

Provisions in enforcement orders for payment of interest on judgments and payment of costs.

10.—(1) Where, on application for an enforcement order respecting a judgment, it is shown—

(a) that the judgment provides for the payment of a sum of money, and

(b) that, in accordance with the law of the Contracting State in which the judgment was given, interest on that sum is recoverable under the judgment at a particular rate or rates and from a particular date or time,

the enforcement order, if made, shall provide that the person liable to pay that sum shall also be liable to pay that interest, apart from any interest on costs recoverable under subsection (2), in accordance with the particulars noted in the order, and the interest shall be recoverable by the applicant as though it were part of that sum.

(2) An enforcement order may, at the discretion of the court concerned or the Master of the High Court, as may be appropriate, provide for the payment to the applicant by the respondent of the reasonable costs of or incidental to the application for the enforcement order.

(3) A person required by an enforcement order to pay costs shall be liable to pay interest on the costs as if they were the subject of an order for the payment of costs made by the High Court on the date the enforcement order was made.

(4) Interest shall be payable on a sum referred to in subsection (1) only as provided for in this section.