Oireachtas (Allowances To Members) and Ministerial, Parliamentary, Judicial and Court Offices (Amendment) Act, 1998

Payment of allowances.

6.—(1) An allowance under section 3 , 4 or 5 of this Act—

(a) shall be payable in addition to the annual sum by way of salary payable to the member concerned under section 2 (as amended by the Act of 1992) of the Principal Act,

(b) shall not be payable in respect of a period for which such salary is not payable, and

(c) shall not be payable to a member who holds an office referred to in Part II (as amended by the Act of 1977) of the Act of 1938.

(2) If a member is eligible during any period to receive more than one of the allowances provided for in sections 3 , 4 and 5 of this Act, only the higher or highest of those allowances shall be paid or payable to the member during that period.

(3) Allowances which are payable under section 3 or 4 of this Act, and allocations which are to be provided under section 5 of this Act, shall be paid and provided out of moneys provided by the Oireachtas.