Oireachtas (Allowances To Members) and Ministerial, Parliamentary, Judicial and Court Offices (Amendment) Act, 1998

Amendment of Act of 1938—allowances for qualifying parties, etc.

11.—(1) Section 10 (inserted by the Act of 1996) of the Act of 1938 is hereby amended—

(a) by the deletion of subsection (3),

(b) in subsection (4) by the substitution of “There” for “Subject to subsection (8) of this section, there”,

(c) by the insertion of the following subsection after subsection (4):

“(4A) Subject to the approval of the Minister for Finance and to such exceptions, restrictions and conditions as may be provided for by regulations, there may be provided to a qualifying party secretarial facilities for the purposes of facilitating the Parliamentary activities of its elected members.”,


(d) by the substitution of the following subsection for subsection (8):

“(8) Any allowance which is payable, and any facility which is to be provided, by virtue of this section shall be paid and provided in addition to any other allowance or salary payable, or any other facility provided, under the Oireachtas (Allowances to Members) Acts, 1938 to 1998, or the Ministerial and Parliamentary Offices Acts, 1938 to 1998.”.

(2) Subsection (3) of section 10 (inserted by the Act of 1996) of the Act of 1938 shall be deemed never to have had effect and accordingly any amount by which an allowance was reduced under that section shall be repaid to the person whose allowance was reduced.