Offences Against the State (Amendment) Act, 1998

Duration of certain sections.

18.—(1) Each of the following sections, namely sections 2 to 12 and 14 and 17 shall, subject to subsection (2), cease to be in operation on and from the 30th day of June, 2000, unless a resolution has been passed by each House of the Oireachtas resolving that that section should continue in operation.

(2) A section referred to in subsection (1) may be continued in operation from time to time by a resolution passed by each House of the Oireachtas before its expiry for such period as may be specified in the resolutions.

(3) Before a resolution under this section in relation to a section specified in subsection (1) is passed by either House of the Oireachtas, the Minister for Justice, Equality and Law Reform shall prepare a report, and shall cause a copy of it to be laid before that House, of the operation of the section during the period beginning on the passing of this Act or, as may be appropriate, the date of the latest previous report under this subsection in relation to that section and ending not later than 21 days before the date of the moving of the resolution in that House.

(4) For the avoidance of doubt, any enactment the amendment of which is effected by a section of this Act that ceases to be in operation on and from the day referred to in subsection (1) or, as the case may be, the expiry of the period for which it is continued in operation under subsection (2) (“the expiry”) shall, on and from that day or, as the case may be, the expiry, apply and have effect as it applied and had effect immediately before the passing of this Act but subject to any amendments made by any other Act of the Oireachtas after such passing.