Finance Act, 1998

Amendment of section 3 (supply of goods) of Principal Act.

105.Section 3 of the Principal Act is hereby amended in subsection (1) by the substitution of the following paragraph for paragraph (f)—

“(f) the appropriation of goods by a taxable person for any purpose other than the purpose of his business or the disposal of goods free of charge by a taxable person where—

(i) tax chargeable in relation to those goods—

(I) upon their purchase, intra-Community acquisition or importation by the taxable person, or

(II) upon their development, construction, assembly, manufacture, production, extraction or application under paragraph (e),

as the case may be, was wholly or partially deductible under section 12, or

(ii) the ownership of those goods was transferred to the taxable person in the course of a transfer of a business or part thereof and that transfer of ownership was deemed not to be a supply of goods in accordance with subsection (5)(b), and”.