Air Navigation and Transport (Amendment) Act, 1998

Giving of directions by Minister to company.

38.—(1) The Minister may give a direction in writing to the company requiring it—

(a) to comply with policy decisions of a general kind made by the Minister in relation to the functions assigned to the company by or under this Act, or

(b) to do or refrain from doing anything to which a function of the company relates, the doing, or refraining from doing of which is, in the opinion of the Minister, necessary or expedient in the national interest.

(2) If the company considers that compliance by it with a direction under subsection (1) would adversely affect the safety of aircraft it shall so inform the Minister and the Authority.

(3) The Minister shall, in amending or revoking a direction under this section, have regard to any information received by him or her under subsection (2).

(4) The company shall comply with a direction under this section.