Employment Equality Act, 1998

Sanctions for failure or refusal to supply documents, information, etc.

96.—(1) If it appears to the Director, the Chairman of the Labour Court or an equality officer that any person has failed to comply with—

(a) a requirement under section 94 (2) (b), or

(b) a requirement under section 95 (1),

then, according as the case may require, the Director, the Chairman or the equality officer may apply to the Circuit Court for an order under this section.

(2) Subject to subsection (3) if, on an application under this section, the Circuit Court is satisfied as to the failure of the person concerned to comply with the requirement in question, the Circuit Court may make an order requiring that person to comply with the requirement.

(3) If, on an application under this section, the Circuit Court is of the opinion that the requirement in question purports to require the person concerned—

(a) to produce any record, book, document or other thing, or

(b) to furnish any information,

for which that person is entitled to claim legal professional privilege, the Circuit Court shall set aside the requirement.

(4) The jurisdiction conferred on the Circuit Court by this section shall be exercised by the judge for the time being assigned to the circuit where the respondent ordinarily resides or carries on any profession, business or occupation.