Employment Equality Act, 1998

Appeal against substantive notice.

71.—(1) A person on whom a substantive notice has been served may appeal to the Labour Court within 42 days of the date of service against the notice or any requirement of the notice.

(2) Where an appeal under subsection (1) is not made, a substantive notice shall come into operation on the expiry of the 42 day period referred to in that subsection.

(3) Where the Labour Court has heard an appeal under subsection (1), it may either confirm the notice in whole or in part (with or without an amendment of the notice) or allow the appeal.

(4) Where the Labour Court confirms a substantive notice, the notice (as so confirmed in whole or in part) shall come into operation on such date as it shall fix.

(5) Where the Labour Court allows an appeal under subsection (1), the substantive notice appealed against shall cease to have effect.