Employment Equality Act, 1998

Recommendations arising out of and reports of inquiries.

61.—(1) After it has conducted an inquiry under section 58 , or in the course of such an inquiry, the Authority may make to any person, including the Minister, recommendations arising out of the inquiry for the purpose of promoting either or both of the general functions of the Authority specified in paragraphs (a) and (b) of section 39 .

(2) As soon as practicable after it has conducted an inquiry under section 58 the Authority shall prepare or cause to be prepared a report of the inquiry and the report shall contain any findings of the Authority arising out of the inquiry.

(3) Where the inquiry under section 58 was one required by the Minister, a copy of the report under subsection (2) shall be sent to the Minister as soon as practicable after its preparation.

(4) As soon as practicable after—

(a) the preparation of a report under subsection (2) that is not required to be sent to the Minister under subsection (3), the Authority, or

(b) the receipt of a copy of a report sent to the Minister under subsection (3), the Minister,

shall cause the report to be published or otherwise made available and give notice to the public of the publication or availability.

(5) Any information obtained by the Authority in the exercise of its powers under section 59 concerning any organisation or person or the business carried on by any organisation or person, which is not available otherwise, shall not—

(a) be included in a report under this section without the consent of the organisation or the person concerned, unless the non-inclusion would be inconsistent with the duties of the Authority and the object of the report, and

(b) without such consent, be disclosed by any person concerned in any criminal or other proceedings under this Act.