Employment Equality Act, 1998

Inquiries by Authority


58.—(1) Subject to subsection (4), the Authority may, for any purpose connected with the performance of its functions, conduct an inquiry, and shall do so where required by the Minister.

(2) An inquiry may be conducted—

(a) by a member of the Authority, or

(b) by a member of its staff as may be delegated by the Authority for the purpose, or

(c) by a person duly employed under subsection (3) as may be delegated by the Authority for the purpose, or

(d) by more than one person, to each of whom paragraph (a), (b) or (c) relates,

and the person or persons conducting the inquiry shall, for the purposes of the inquiry, have all the functions of the Authority.

(3) For the purposes of an inquiry provided for by this section, the Authority may, with the approval of the Minister, employ one or more persons having qualifications which, in the opinion of the Authority, are relevant to the conduct of the inquiry.

(4) The Authority shall not conduct an inquiry until—

(a) terms of reference for the inquiry have been drawn up by the Authority or, if the inquiry is one which the Minister has required, by the Minister after consultation with the Authority, and

(b) notice of intention to conduct the inquiry has been given by the Authority—

(i) by publishing it in at least one daily newspaper circulating generally in the State, or

(ii) where the terms of reference refer to a specified person, by providing the person with a copy of the notice in writing.