Dublin Docklands Development Authority Act, 1997

Master plan.

24.—(1) The Authority shall as soon as may be after its establishment prepare a plan (to be known in this Act and referred to as a “master plan”) for the Dublin Docklands Area.

(2) (a) A master plan under this section shall consist of a written statement and a plan indicating the objectives for—

(i) the social and economic regeneration of the Dublin Docklands Area, on a sustainable basis,

(ii) improvements in the physical environment of the Dublin Docklands Area, and

(iii) the continued development in the Custom House Docks Area of services of, for, in support of, or ancillary to, the financial sector of the economy.

(b) Without prejudice to the generality of paragraph (a), the master plan shall—

(i) set out the economic, social and other issues relevant to the regeneration of the Dublin Docklands Area and proposals to address those issues,

(ii) identify those parts of the Dublin Docklands Area where detailed proposals and plans for the development, redevelopment, renewal or conservation of land in that Area would be appropriate,

(iii) identify those parts of the Dublin Docklands Area where planning schemes under section 25 would be appropriate,

(iv) set out urban design guidelines for the Dublin Docklands Area, or any part thereof, including guidelines relating to urban and building conservation, street furniture and landscaping,

(v) include proposals for appropriate renewal, preservation, conservation, restoration, development or redevelopment of the streetscape, layout and building pattern of the Dublin Docklands Area or any part thereof,

(vi) include proposals for the development of existing and new residential communities in the Dublin Docklands Area, including the development of housing for people of different social backgrounds,

(vii) include proposals for a programme of development or redevelopment of derelict sites or vacant sites in the Dublin Docklands Area,

(viii) include proposals relating to the conservation of the architectural heritage of the Dublin Docklands Area,

(ix) include proposals, consistent with the Dublin Transportation Initiative Strategy (being the integrated transportation strategy recommended in the Final Report of the Dublin Transportation Initiative), or any other strategy approved of by the Government amending or replacing that Strategy, relating to transportation within the Dublin Docklands Area and to that Area and its environs, including proposals in relation to pedestrian ways,

(x) include an estimate of the costs of implementation of the master plan and an indication of the possible funding options, and

(xi) estimate the implications for employment, training and education in the Dublin Docklands Area, and for the employment, training and education of those resident in that Area, of the measures proposed in the master plan.

(3) In preparing the draft of a master plan, the Authority shall—

(a) comply with any general directive that may be given to it under section 45 ,

(b) consult with Dublin Corporation,

(c) make arrangements for consultation with interested persons in relation to the master plan.

(4) Before a master plan is adopted, the Authority shall—

(a) publish in one or more newspapers circulating in the Dublin Docklands Area a notice—

(i) stating that a draft master plan has been prepared and that it will be considered for adoption by the Authority,

(ii) indicating the times at which, the period (which shall be not less than one month) during which and the place where a copy of the draft master plan may be inspected,

(iii) indicating where a copy of the draft master plan may be obtained and specifying the fee (if any) for such copy (which shall be not more than the reasonable cost of making such copy),

(iv) stating that submissions or observations may be made in writing to the Authority in relation to the draft master plan before a specified date (which shall be not less than two weeks after the end of the period for inspection),

(b) consider any submissions or observations made to it under this subsection and not withdrawn and make such amendments or modifications (if any) to the draft master plan as it considers appropriate.

(5) (a) As soon as may be after the adoption by the Authority of a master plan under this section, Dublin Corporation shall consider the making of—

(i) a development plan under section 19(5)(b) of the Act of 1963 for that part of their area included in the Dublin Docklands Area which would be consistent with the master plan, or

(ii) such variations of the development plan for the County Borough of Dublin made under section 19 of the Act of 1963 as may be desirable to secure consistency between that plan and the master plan.

(b) Dublin Corporation and An Bord Pleanála shall, in deciding any application, or in determining any application on appeal, as the case may be, for permission under Part IV of the Act of 1963 in respect of development in the Dublin Docklands Area, consider the relevant provisions of the master plan.

(6) Every act done by or on behalf of the Custom House Docks Development Authority before and in anticipation of the commencement of this section shall have and be deemed always to have had all such (if any) validity and effect as it would have had if this section had been in force when such act was done, and as if the act had been done by, or on behalf of, the Dublin Docklands Development Authority.