Europol Act, 1997

Application of Official Secrets Act, 1963.

9.—(1) Any facts or information which come to the knowledge of the Director or Financial Controller of Europol or members of the Management Board or the Financial Committee, the Deputy Directors of Europol, employees of Europol or liaison officers with Europol as well as any other person under a particular obligation of discretion or confidentiality under this Act or the Convention shall be deemed to be official information within the meaning of official information in the Official Secrets Act, 1963 , and the provisions of that Act shall apply accordingly to such facts or information.

(2) For the purposes of this section, “duly authorised” in section 4 of the Official Secrets Act, 1963 , includes being authorised by the Director of Europol or, as the case may be, the Management Board of Europol.

(3) The application of the Official Secrets Act, 1963 , to any facts or information referred to in subsection (1) does not include facts or information too insignificant to require confidentiality.