Universities Act, 1997


Establishment and Identity of Universities

Reconstitution of constituent colleges.

7.—(1) The constituent colleges shall, by virtue of this section, become and be universities, and each college named in column 1 of the Second Schedule shall be known by the corresponding name in the English language or in the Irish language in column 2 of that Schedule opposite to the name mentioned in column 1.

(2) The universities as constituted by subsection (1) shall be constituent universities of the National University of Ireland and references to “college” or “constituent college” in the Irish Universities Act, 1908 or in the charter of the National University of Ireland, or in the charters of those constituent colleges, shall be construed as references to those constituent universities as constituted from time to time.

(3) A reference to a constituent college in any other Act or in a statutory instrument made under an Act, or in the memorandum or articles of association of any company or any other legal document, shall be construed as a reference to the corresponding constituent university referred to in subsection (1) as constituted from time to time.

(4) Where immediately before the commencement of this Part any legal proceedings in relation to a constituent college were pending to which the constituent college was party, the name of the corresponding constituent university shall on that commencement be substituted in the proceedings for the name of the constituent college, and the proceedings shall not abate by reason of the substitution.