Finance Act, 1997

Amendment of provisions relating to the taxation of certain social welfare benefits.

4.—(1) Section 15 of the Finance Act, 1992 , is hereby amended, in subsection (2) (inserted by the Finance Act, 1995 ), by the insertion of the following additional proviso:

“Provided also that the aggregate of the amounts of disability benefit, or of injury benefit, or of both disability benefit and injury benefit, payable to a person in respect of—

(a) for the year of assessment 1997-98, the first 18 days, and

(b) for the year of assessment 1998-99 and subsequent years of assessment, the first 36 days,

incapacity for work for which the person is entitled to payment of either disability benefit or injury benefit shall be disregarded for all the purposes of the Income Tax Acts.”.

(2) (a) Notwithstanding the provisions of section 15 (as amended by subsection (1) of the Finance Act, 1992 , and the Finance Act, 1992 (Commencement of Section 15) (Unemployment Benefit and Pay-Related Benefit) Order, 1994 ( S.I. No. 19 of 1994 ), the said section 15 shall not apply, as respects the year of assessment 1997-98, in relation to unemployment benefit paid or payable to a person employed in short-time employment.

(b) In this subsection, “short-time employment” has the same meaning as it has for the purposes of the Social Welfare Acts but also includes such an employment as is referred to in section 79 (2) (b) of the Social Welfare (Consolidation) Act, 1993 .