Credit Union Act, 1997

Review of Registrar's decisions by Court.

52.—(1) If a credit union is aggrieved by a decision of the Registrar—

(a) under section 49 (3)(b) to refuse to grant approval, or

(b) under section 50 (3)(a) to withdraw an approval granted under section 49 , or

(c) under subsection 50(3)(b) to vary any condition imposed on such an approval, or

(d) to impose any condition on such an approval (whether at the time the approval is granted or later by virtue of section 50 (3)(c)),

the credit union may apply to the Court for a review of the Registrar's decision.

(2) If, on an application under subsection (1), the Court considers that the decision of the Registrar to which the application relates should not be confirmed, the Court may give such directions as it thinks appropriate (whether to the Registrar or otherwise) for the purpose of resolving the matter.