Competition (Amendment) Act, 1996

Amendment of Schedule to Principal Act.

9.—Paragraph 1 of the Schedule to the Principal Act is hereby amended by the insertion after subparagraph (1) of the following subparagraph:

“(1A) The Minister may assign to one permanent member of the Authority the title, ‘Director of Competition Enforcement’, and such a member to whom the Minister assigns the said title shall, without prejudice to his membership of the Authority, have the following functions, namely—

(a) to carry out an investigation, whether on his own initiative or as a result of a complaint to him from any person, into any contravention of section 4 or 5, or subsection (2), (5) or (7) of section 2 of the Competition (Amendment) Act, 1996, that he suspects has occurred or may occur,

(b) to make recommendations and give advice to the Authority as respects the institution by the Authority of proceedings under—

(i) section 6 in relation to any matter, or

(ii) section 3 (6) of the Competition (Amendment) Act, 1996, in relation to an offence under subsection (2), (5) or (7) of section 2 of that Act, and the enforcement generally of the provisions of this Act,


(c) subject to the provisions of this Act, to carry out such other duties as the Authority may from time to time assign to him.”.