Finance Act, 1995

Amendment of section 32 (regulations) of Principal Act.

138.—Section 32 of the Principal Act is hereby amended in subsection (1) by the insertion of the following paragraphs after paragraph (d):

“(da) the conditions for a taxable dealer to opt to apply the margin scheme to certain supplies in accordance with section 10A(4);

(db) the determination of the aggregate margin in accordance with section 10A(8);

(dc) the form of the invoice or other document that shall be issued in accordance with section 10B(4);

(dd) the manner in which residual tax referred to in section 12(l)(a)(vi) may be deducted;

(de) the particulars to be furnished in relation to antiques as specified in paragraph (xvia) of the Sixth Schedule or paragraph (iii) of the Eighth Schedule;”.