Package Holidays and Travel Trade Act, 1995

Information to be provided before start of package.

13.—(1) The organiser shall in good time before the package is due to start (whether before or after the contract has been made) provide the consumer (whether directly or through a retailer) with the information specified in subsection (2) in writing or in some other appropriate form.

(2) The information referred to in subsection (1) is—

(a) where the package includes a transport component, the times and places of intermediate stops and transport connections and details of the place to be occupied by the traveller, including, cabin or berth on ship, sleeper compartment on train;

(b) the name, address and telephone number—

(i) of the representative of the organiser in the locality where the consumer is to stay, or

(ii) if there is no such representative, of an agency in that locality to provide assistance to a consumer in difficulty,

or, if there is no such representative or agency, a telephone number or other information which will enable the consumer to contact the organiser and the retailer, or either of them, during the course of the package;

(c) in the case of a journey or stay outside the State by a minor, information enabling direct contact to be made with the minor or with the person responsible at the minor's place of stay.

(3) (a) An organiser who contravenes subsection (1) shall be guilty of an offence unless the contravention is due to the failure of the retailer to pass on to the consumer or intending consumer the information supplied to the retailer by the organiser.

(b) A retailer who fails to provide the consumer or intending consumer with the information shall be guilty of an offence.

(4) The obligations of subsection (1) may be fulfilled by—

(a) referring the consumer or intending consumer to such information contained in a brochure supplied to the consumer or intending consumer which complies with section 10 and to which no relevant alterations have been made since the brochure was supplied, or

(b) supplying the consumer with such information under the terms of the contract in writing or some other form as is comprehensible and accessible to the consumer provided that such information is supplied in good time before the start of the package.