S.I. No. 173/1994 - Stock Transfer (Forms) Regulations, 1994.

S.I. No. 173 of 1994.


I, BERTIE AHERN, Minister for Finance, in exercise of the powers conferred on me by section 5 of the Stock Transfer Act, 1963 (No. 34 of 1963), as amended by section 8 of the Companies (Amendment) Act, 1977 (No. 31 of 1977), hereby make the following regulations:

1. These Regulations may be cited as the Stock Transfer (Forms) Regulations, 1994.

2. These Regulations shall come into operation on the 30th day of June, 1994.

3. In these Regulations "the Act of 1963" means the Stock Transfer Act, 1963 (No. 34 of 1963).

4. Section 2 of the Act of 1963 is hereby amended by:

( a ) the insertion in the proviso to subsection (1) after paragraph (e) of the following paragraph:

"(f) Exchequer Notes held by any company or other body corporate (whether incorporated in Ireland or elsewhere) may be transferred by means of an instrument in writing in the form set out in Part IV of the Second Schedule to this Act and signed by a person duly authorised in that behalf by such company or such other body corporate."

( b ) the insertion after subsection (5) of the following subsection:

"(6) In this section and in the Second Schedule to this Act, Exchequer Notes means:

( a ) such securities as may be issued from time to time by Ireland acting through the National Treasury Management Agency under Ireland's Exchequer Notes Programme."

5. The Act of 1963 is hereby further amended by the insertion in the Second Schedule thereto of Part IV annexed to this Regulation.


Form of Transfer for Exchequer Notes.


For completion by the National Treasury Management Agency


Full Name of Undertaking


Full Description of Security

Exchequer Note: (Number)

Amount of Security and, in figure column only, number and denomination of units, if any.



(units of)

Name(s) of registered holder(s) should be given in full; the address should be given where there is only one holder.

If the transfer is not made by the registered holder(s) insert also the name(s) and capacity (e.g. Executor(s) of the person(s) making the transfer).

In the name(s) of


I/We, being an authorised signatory or signatories, hereby transfer the above security out of the name(s) aforesaid to the person(s) named in Section C below:

Stamp of Selling Broker(s) or, for transactions which are not stock exchange transactions of Agent(s) if any acting for the Transferor(s).







Full name(s) and full postal address(es), including Country or, if applicable Postal District number, of the person(s) to whom the security is transferred.

Bank account, name, address for payment on maturity.

Please complete in typewriting or in Block Capitals.

I/We request that such entries be made in the register as are necessary to give effect to this transfer.

Stamp of Buying Broker(s) (if any)

Stamp or name and address of person lodging the form (if other than the Buying Broker(s))

GIVEN under my Official Seal, this 13th day of June, 1994.


Minister for Finance.


The Regulations amend the forms for the purpose of stock transfers, into the schedule of the Stock Transfer Act, 1963 . The purpose of the Regulation is to remove the need for the application of a company seal on the Stock Transfer Form.