National Monuments (Amendment) Act, 1994

Acquisition of national monument, etc. by Commissioners.

11.—(1) The Commissioners may, with the consent of the Minister and the Minister for Finance, acquire by agreement or compulsorily in accordance with the Schedule to this Act all or any of the following, namely:

(a) any monument that is, in their opinion, a national monument,

(b) part of such a monument,

(c) any land that is in the vicinity of such a monument and is intended to be used by them for the provision of facilities deemed appropriate by the Minister for persons having access to the monument under the National Monuments Acts, 1930 to 1994,

(d) any right, easement, title or interest of any kind in, over or in respect of such a monument or land,

(e) any easement over land to provide access to or service for such a monument, or part of monument or any land being acquired under this section,

and the Commissioners may so acquire any such monument or land whether they or a local authority are or are not the guardians of the monument and whether a preservation order is or is not in force in regard thereto.

(2) Section 6 of the National Monuments (Amendment) Act, 1987 , is hereby repealed.