Referendum Act, 1994

Substitution of new petitioner.

50.—(1) On the hearing of an application for leave to withdraw a referendum petition, any person who, under section 42 , would be eligible to apply for leave to present a referendum petition, may apply to the court to be substituted as a petitioner, and the court may, if it thinks fit, substitute the person accordingly.

(2) In case the court substitutes a petitioner under subsection (1) and is of opinion that the application for leave to withdraw the petition was the result of any agreement or undertaking the making of or entering into which is declared by section 155 of the Act of 1992 to be an offence, the court may direct that the security for costs given by the original petitioner shall remain as security for the costs that may be incurred by the substituted petitioner and that, to the extent of the sum named in the security, the original petitioner (and sureties, if any), shall be liable to pay the costs of the substituted petitioner.

(3) In case the court does not make a direction under subsection (2), security equal in amount to that which would be required in the case of a new referendum petition, and subject to the like conditions, shall be given by or on behalf of the substituted petitioner within the period of five days after the date of the order of substitution, and in case such security is not given no further proceedings shall be had on the referendum petition and the petition shall, at the expiration of the said period, become and be null and void.

(4) Subject to the foregoing provisions of this section, a substituted petitioner shall, as nearly as may be, stand in the same position and be subject to the same liabilities as the original petitioner.