Referendum Act, 1994


36.—(1) The local returning officer may and, if required by an agent appointed under paragraph (c) of section 26 (1), shall recount the votes recorded on all the ballot papers or on the ballot papers contained in any particular parcel.

(2) Subject to subsection (3), nothing in this section shall make it obligatory on the local returning officer to recount more than once the votes recorded on the ballot papers contained in any particular parcel or to comply with a request under this section by an agent which, in the opinion of the local returning officer, is frivolous or vexatious.

(3) Before signing the provisional referendum certificate under section 40 , the referendum returning officer may, in an appropriate case, direct any or every local returning officer to re-examine all the ballot papers for the constituency concerned and recount the votes recorded on such ballot papers and forthwith notify the referendum returning officer of the result of the re-examination and recount and the local returning officer shall comply with the terms of the direction.