Merchant Shipping (Salvage and Wreck) Act, 1993



Interpretation ( Part III ).

12.—In this Part—

“arbitral or judicial proceedings” shall be construed in accordance with section 14 ;

“arbitrator”, where appropriate, includes an umpire;

“the Convention” means the International Convention on Salvage done at London, on the twenty-eighth day of April, 1989;

“damage to the environment” means physical damage to human health or to marine life or resources in coastal or inland waters or areas adjacent thereto, caused by pollution, contamination, fire, explosion or similar major incidents;

“payment” means any reward, remuneration or compensation due under this Part of this Act;

“property” means any property not permanently and intentionally attached to the shoreline and includes freight at risk;

“reward”, in relation to salvage, means reward for undertaking salvage operations;

“salvage operation” means any act or activity undertaken to assist a vessel or any other property in danger in navigable tidal waters or in any harbour;

“salvor” means, in the case of salvage services rendered by the officersor crew or part of the crew of any State-owned vessel, the person in command of that vessel;

“State-owned vessel” means a non-commercial vessel wholly owned by the Government or a Minister of the Government, and references to “State-owner”, in relation to a vessel, shall be construed accordingly;

“tribunal” means any arbitrator duly authorised to deal with a matter of civil salvage when dealing with such a matter.