Merchant Shipping (Salvage and Wreck) Act, 1993

Examination in respect of vessels in distress, etc.

11.—(1) Where any vessel is or has been in distress in the State, an authorised officer may question any person belonging to the ship or any other person who may be able to give an account of the vessel or its cargo or apparel.

(2) For the purposes of this section, an authorised officer shall have the powers of an inspector under sections 729 and 730 (as amended by section 65 ) of the Merchant Shipping Act, 1894 .

(3) The authorised officer holding the examination shall endeavour to find out the following matters:

(a) (i) the name and description of the vessel;

(ii) the names of the master, crew, passengers and other persons on board the vessel at the relevant time;

(iii) the names of the owners of the vessel;

(iv) the names of the owners of the cargo;

(v) the ports from and to which the vessel was bound;

(vi) the occasion of the vessel's distress;

(vii) the number of and names of any persons killed or seriously injured;

(viii) the extent of any material damage to the vessel;

(ix) the nature of the cargo and the threat of pollution from the vessel or cargo;

(x) the nature of any services rendered to the vessel as a result of its distress;

(xi) such other matters as the authorised officer thinks necessary;


(b) in respect of a vessel which is or has been in distress, such other matters as the Minister directs the authorised officer to include in the examination concerning the vessel.

(4) For the purpose of enabling generally an authorised officer to carry out any functions under subsection (1) or (2), the Minister may by order amend subsection (3) (a) and may so amend any provision thereof as previously amended by virtue of this subsection.