Local Government (Dublin) Act, 1993

Establishment of councils of administrative counties.

11.—(1) On the establishment day a council shall stand established in each of the administrative counties established by section 9 and each such council shall consist of a cathaoirleach and councillors.

(2) Each of the councils established by subsection (1) shall have, so far as is consistent with this Act or any regulations made thereunder, the functions which are for the time being vested by law in the councils of administrative counties generally and such other functions as were immediately before the establishment day vested by law in the county council and, without prejudice to the generality of the foregoing, the law which for the time being applies in respect of the councils of administrative counties generally and the law which immediately before that day applied in respect of the county council in particular, shall, insofar as is consistent with this Act or any regulations made thereunder, apply to the said councils.

(3) Pending the elections to councils of counties next after the establishment day article 81 of the Local Elections Regulations, 1965 shall have effect subject to the requirement that the annual meeting of each council established by subsection (1) shall be held within the period within which the county council would have been required to hold its annual meeting if this Act had not been enacted.

(4) Article 11 of the Second Schedule to the Local Government (Reorganisation) Act, 1985 shall continue to apply, in accordance with the provisions of that article, to hereditaments to which it applied prior to the establishment day and for the purpose of such continuation a reference to the county rate in that article shall be deemed to be a reference to the rate of the county council established by section 11 in whose administrative county the hereditament is situate.

(5) Each council established by subsection (1) shall, as soon as may be after its establishment, provide itself with a seal.